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Marches Delays and April To Bring Flowers?

What we expected for March:

- World Regulatory Clarity, (U.S., India, Japan, Korea, China, Russia.)

- With Regulations Comes Institutions (Trillions upon Trillions of Dollars)

- 13 Crypto Summits, Conferences, Expos, Seminars, Meetings, etc. (Announcements?)

- Fidelity stated to go live ($7 Trillion Under Management – Remember Reg. Clarity!)

- Triple Witch Date, Rollover of Trillions, Stock Market Sell-Off Scheduled (Think Lack of Liquidity) (Global Financial Reset Time?)

- Ides of March – Market Sell-Off, Liquidity Crisis. (30th)

- Brexit Due Date (Exit Expected) Currency Issues to Come! (Crypto Fueled Solutions?)

- Russia said to have stacked enough Gold to get them out of all debt... (What could this mean? Think reset!)

- Trump restructuring the Financial System and World/Central Banks! (Gold backed Dollar?) (Remember we hold a nice pile of physical Gold reserve with Plutus Capital!)

- And more, Which we will get into later, upon further confirmations.

What Actually Happened:

Official Delay Announcements.

-India Regulation deadline extended on last day.

-Clarity equals trillions via ETFs and more. Delayed:

-Fidelity Delayed

-Triple Witch roll over means nothing with no regulations

-US Crypto Bill Delayed. (To be reintroduced this week!)

-Brexit due date, extended – April 12th

-SBI Delayed Crypto Exchange Launch (Huge)

What April Brings:

-27 Crypto. Blockchain, digital asset summits, conferences, and expos. (Great place for official announcements)

-US Token Taxonomy Act Reintroduction

-Brexit New Deadline Will know more tonight after their vote.

-More time to accumulate, invest, research, etc. (Always good)

-Start to a new quarter. The first quarter of 2019 was noted as the “Most Memorable Quarter On Record” (There’s a lot to this and all financial markets current conditions)

-Markets are under HEAVY manipulation. (If liquidity gets to scarce digital assets will save the day)

Thought we would give a quick summary to what March looked like and what April shall bring.

Stay posted!

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