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We Invest in the future, with the people who deserve it most



Founded in October 2018... 


We have been investing in the cryptocurrency market since 2012, well more like dabbling until mid 2016. We have made a killing over the last 10 years seemingly unconventionally.  We later realized we needed to bring these opportunities to you. Helping not only ourselves gain leverage but helping you reach financial goals some only dreamed about. The cryptocurrency market isn't going away, the technology is revolutionary, and the returns for early adopters have been hard to fathom.


With decades of financial consulting, investing, and management experience we see the incredible opportunity that Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain solutions provide the world. 


Those of you who were born before the 90's remember the Dot-Com Era financial boom and bust. Those who didn't live through this era, do know of the result of this internet gold rush in the late 90's early 2000's. To the likes of Mark Cuban, Amazon, and eBay. We got our first big "break" during this period. The Cryptocurrency/Blockchain craze reminds us of this very lucrative and profitable era. Except, this time, the tech. is on a global scale and it's solving global issues.


We see Blockchain being the new "internet" Blockchain technology will be intertwined into everything we use. This new technology will be in the fabric of society for centuries to come. Trying to guess exactly what will come from this new disruptive technology is like predicting Uber back in 2002... It just is not possible yet. However, Blockchain will transform society in a substantial way. We are already seeing the effects of decentralization and the frustration that comes from centralized control. Whether we are discussing governments or public services like Twitter. There is a huge need for decentralization. 


As one of the very first Cryptocurrency based hedge funds, we hope to help steer the future of banking, communications, information, decentralization, and earnings to better suit the 21st century. 


We see the future being tokenized instead of buying stock in a company you will buy tokens. We will pay each other seamlessly and instantaneously throughout the day without hardly realizing it. Every website you visit will either pay you or you will pay them for using their content. How will this look? No one can be sure just yet, however, it's coming.  We will soon not need to do taxes like we do today, they will be automatically sent via each transaction we process. distributed ledgers make this extremely easy and efficient. They also do not allow for error. 


We want to give you a head-start towards the future. There will be many crypto/blockchain millionaires and billionaires, will you be one?


Way to be a first adopter, early investor, and believer! You will be compensated handsomely for your bets on the future. 


At Plutus Fund Management, we focus on technologies that disrupt and solve problems. We have strong relationships with the brightest in the industry. All of our investments are strategic. Including; diversified portfolios, staking, nodes, trading, Downside Risk Mitigation, Gold & Silver, cleaver risk management strategies, and long term asset holdings.

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