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*Thank you for registering!

Please browse our unit packages and read through the Offering Memorandum and the Subscription Agreements.

Step #1: Read & Sign

Offering Memo:

Please read and review the Offering Memorandum then fill out the corresponding Subscription Agreement to get started. 

Full Offering Memorandum

(Please Read)

Subscription Agreement:

Please fill out your corresponding Subscription Agreement to get started. 

Both US & Non-US Subscription Agreements

(Please Fill Out & Sign)

Fill out the Subscription Agreement

(USA Investors Only) 

Fill out the Subscription Agreement (NON-US Investors Only) 

Step #2: Send & Rename

Send Your Completed Agreement Back To Us

*Please rename your Agreement (Include your First and Last name)

You can alternatively email it to (Secured)

Step #3: Deposit

Bank Wire or Crypto Deposit Instructions

Investment Deposit Options: 

#1 Crypto.

#2 Bank Wire.

#3 Check, In Mail.


If you want to invest via any Cryptocurrency deposit, please contact us for Address:

Bank Wire:
(Most Common)
Bank Wire Transfer

The Bank Wire Information is also inside of the Subscription Agreement PDF (above) 

Bank​:                                           ​  BMO Harris Bank 

Bank Address:​                          111 W. Monroe St. Chicago,

                                                          Illinois 60603 

Routing Number:​                     071025661 

Swift Code:​                                 HATRUS44 

Account Number:​                    4824252407 

Beneficiary:         ​                       Plutus Capital, LP

*Please bring a copy of our bank wire information into the bank with you when you make the wire. Also please double-check that your banker has entered all of the information correctly, failure to do so could result in lost funds. 

Unit Breakdown - Do Not Purchase Units 

Examples Only - Fixed To Page


No longer accepting Investment Deposits via Unit Purchases from Credit/Debit Card, or PayPal. 


*Again, DO NOT use this shop feature to invest.

Payment processors have updated their Terms and Services - They no longer allow fund investments via unit purchase agreements. 


This shop section is embedded into this webpage. 

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