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May Update & The Great Financial Reset

Update & Repost:


1mo (May): +68.03%

The bulls are knocking on our door!

Market Cap Today: $272,986,874,307

Market Cap 5/1/2020: $246,117,251,000

Market Cap 4/1/2020: $178,922,358,000

One of our small alt-coin assets did a +566.667% gain in the last month.

If our largest held asset did a +566.667% gain (it soon will) we’d currently be *up +$265,495.96.

We’re in the middle of the Global Financial Reset. The greatest wealth transfer in human history.

Don’t believe us?

How about the World Economic Forum?

Still not impressed?


How about the IMF?

You WILL use DLT/Blockchain in the near future, you may not know it. If you gear up and finish this ride DLT/Blockchain will also make you rich.

Old but important:

Similar message:

This has been the plan for decades. 2020 is the year you look back and everything has changed. Why do you think the Fed has printed us into the year 2100+? Why do you think the US Government has printed and spent Trillions of dollars on infrastructure and stimulus money to the citizens? We’ll tell you… It’s because we’re about to reset it all. New system that relies on DLT and finite assets/metals. We’re heading back to a sound monetary system. No more FED! A level playing field.

The US President has mentioned what we’ve suspected for a while. The changes to occur later this year in Q3 & Q4:

Digital Assets/Cryptocurrencies will be a $100Trillion market. It will swallow up money transfers, payments, settlement, nostro-vostro corresponding banking ($27Trillion), DTCC ($1.85Quadrillion), and all stocks/digitalization of all value.

DTCC $1.85Quadrillion:

DTCC Explores DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology – Blockchain/Digital Assets):


We've come this far, the crypto market has historically melted faces with 3-4 week exponential bullish blasts when you least expect it. We expect no different this time. While the world burns, businesses are struggling, jobs are lost, currencies are being printed into hyperinflation, just remember you hold the keys to the future. You're the person who was smart enough to get ahead of what's to come. The great wealth transfer is at our door.

While home values and interest rates plummet. And inflation and expenses skyrocket. You're secured in a significant portion of the pie. A hedge against exactly what is happening today. Congratulations.

The market has been asleep for over two years now. When the regulations are announced and the new system is reviled the market will melt faces. 100X-1000X next bull run without question.

Enjoy the show!

Get Registered:

$1,000 Minimum Accepted. Luno IV Fund Open.

300X+ Coming Fast.

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