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Plutus Capital LP. Investment funds

We are a Capital Management - Hedge Fund - that exclusively focuses on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies. We manage over $5.9M across three closed and one open fund. "Luno I" manages $2.8M, "Luno II" manages just under $70K, currently valued at over $140K and growing, "Luno III" manages just under $35K invested, currently valued at over $78K "Luno IV"  is open to new investors. You would be investing in the"Luno IV" fund. This Fund is currently sitting at $63K invested and currently valued at over $97,000. (Updated as of 01/01/2021)


We are open to new investors who are looking to invest $1,000+ in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain related investments. Also note, our $1,000 minimum will soon be increased to $5,000.

We achieved over 330X (Times) from 2017-2018 last bull cycle. We anticipate a similar return coming in the 2021-2022 bull cycle. 

*Last Updated: 1/1/2021

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*We do not guarantee acceptance into our investment products nor services. 

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