Venture Investments

We utilize a dynamic mix of portfolios, staking, trading, capital investments, percent allocation, and DCA techniques.


We invest-in and hold digital assets, cryptocurrencies, tokens, company shares, and physical precious metals.

AUM Report Example

Luno II Results


Luno II (Public) Fund Raised a total of $93.3K - Luno II is up over +316.58% since March 31st when Luno II Fund Officially Closed.

Current Investment total is $67,454.66 - Valuation of Luno II has topped $281,000+

Screenshot taken June 2019:

A peek into Luno II portfolio holdings and performance. 

June 2019

Luno I Results


Luno I (Private) Fund Raised a total of $2.81M - Luno I is up over +59% since the beginning of the year. 

Some Projects we are invested:

Among many others...

We also work with the best in security 


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