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What We Expect For March and The Remainder of The Year For Investors!

Let us tell you what the future holds for Plutus Investors!


Phoning to all Investors or potential Investors,

We wanted to reach out and discuss what the future of your current investment looks like.

The wait appears to be over! While we have had a delay of about four months, exciting times are quickly approaching!

It's Go Time!

Firstly, we have some exciting news! March is poised to be a big month for us all!

What's Happening in March?:

- World Regulatory Clarity, (U.S., India, Japan, Korea, China, Russia.)

- With Regulations Comes Institutions (Trillions upon Trillions of Dollars)

- 13 Crypto Summits, Conferences, Expos, Seminars, Meetings, etc. (Announcements?)

- Fidelity stated to go live ($7 Trillion Under Management – Remember Reg. Clarity!)

- Triple Witch Date, Rollover of Trillions, Stock Market Sell-Off Scheduled (Think Lack of Liquidity) (Global Financial Reset Time?)

- Ides of March – Market Sell-Off, Liquidity Crisis. (30th)

- Brexit Due Date (Exit Expected) Currency Issues to Come! (Crypto Fueled Solutions?)

- Russia said to have stacked enough Gold to get them out of all debt... (What could this mean? Think reset!)

- Trump restructuring the Financial System and World/Central Banks! (Gold backed Dollar?) (Remember we hold a nice pile of physical Gold reserve with Plutus Capital!)

- And more, Which we will get into later, upon further confirmations.

Let's start!

The US Crypto bill is looking to be passed in our favor, with regulatory clarity present. None of our holdings will be claimed as securities, which is great news! Coinbase has alluded to this already with the addition of XRP. With this US regulatory clarity, we will see Fidelity go live, they have already publicly stated they will go live in March. Fidelity alone handles more than $7 Trillion dollars, around 50X the current Cryptocurrency Market Cap Valuation… Wait for BlackRock, other large funds, Banks, etc. to get involved… The world will soon be tokenized.

The Supreme Court of India puts a 4-week deadline for crypto regulations. March 25th deadline. Remember this Crypto thing is global… It will exceed $80Trillion market cap before you know it, (just remember us telling you this in the future;). Think - “Global Dot-Com Boom”, 25X what we have seen with the USA DotCom era boom that produced many of today's Billionaires.

We have 13 conferences, summits, expos, seminars, and fintech meetings in March alone. These events are great for official announcements and public release dates.

March 30th is the date for the triple witch, meaning that the index futures, stock index, and options all expire on that day. This will allow the institutional investors to roll their holdings into the Crypto Markets. +$Trillions.

Not only does this give the hard option to roll over into new asset classes it also creates a very volatile and potentially market crashing event. (Expected!)

Our held and backed, Cryptos offer liquidity solutions that they will want and need during this time. (+Insane utility demand.)

However good March may be, we want to stress what’s coming later this year.

In May DTCC goes live. DTCC - The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation happens to average daily trading volumes in the US equity market of more than 100 million trades per day or 6,300 trades per second. DTCC and Accenture ran DLT performance tests using commercial DLT platforms offered by Digital Asset (DA platform) and R3 (Corda platform). <- That last sentence has the potential to make you an overnight Millionaire! This is big-big news. You MUST hold on for DTCC in May! DTCC’s subsidiaries processed securities transactions valued at more than U.S. $1.61 quadrillion. Its depository provides custody and asset servicing for securities issues from 131 countries and territories valued at U.S. $57.4 trillion. DTCC’s Global Trade Repository service maintains approximately 40 million open OTC positions per week and processes over one billion messages per month through its group of licensed trade repositories. Trust us, you are positioned for this news to impact your life in a big big way! We got you! ;)

Plan your financial future now, get your teams in place, learn about wealth management, google sudden wealth syndrome, and build a council of advisors…

Also we go into our future capital management ventures we will roll our coming later this year for you to securely grow your new found wealth.

Q3 is also poised to be a very large Crypto news month from what we hear down the grapevine. We will get into more about what's coming in Quarter 3 later as time develops.

Bakkt is set to launch late 2019 (December is our guess). Bakkt is an extension of the Nasdaq stock exchange. This will bring Trillions to the market alone… This gives the public easy access to this market. Also publicly traded crypto futures… !!

We are suggesting repositioning your stance and to strongly consider riding the entire year outThis can very well be the year your life changes.

Plutus' Future:

After this year, we are opening a true real-estate fund. The real estate will be large multi-family unit properties. 500+ unit complexes in the TX & FL markets. We will offer you real equity in these income-producing assets. This will yield around 12% every single year on your invested capital. Your Crypto-Millions will then be able to work for you! We will send you monthly checks (6% Prefered Returns!), passive and growing income for life! Just an FYI! ;)

Remember crypto tax laws! You should hold for over 365 days to minimize tax implications. Takes it from 35% to 25% Capital Gains only, it’s well worth the extra few months of holding for multiple reasons.

Also, you will be able to roll your crypto investment gains made from these Plutus "Luno" Funds into The Real-Estate Funds' penalty free! Keep all of this in consideration for longer term holding and planning.

Get excited! More importantly, be ready! Expect a minimum of 30X on your money, expect an average of 100X your money, and expect the high-end of 6,000X your investment!

(These "X'Gains Expected Returns" change drastically with the crypto markets prices/market cap! You need to enter NOW!)

Plan ahead, sudden wealth is NOT A JOKE. You need to set up a real financial team, including Tax Specialists, Attorneys, Wealth Managers, and you need to make sure these people are actually good at what they do! Money can make your life great, it can also ruin it… This is a Very Serious Subject.

***Hope this offers you something to look forward too. Hope this gives you more clarity that you had previous to reading! ***



If you have any last-minute investments you’d like to make, you must get in ASAP.

It will only take a single day for the “entry” to be 30X – 100X greater than it is now, giving you 30-100X less “equity” in the fund per dollar.

This also makes your exit 30X-100X less than if you got in at these “entry” prices now.

30-100 times less or more is a BIG deal at exit.


You invest $10k now @ current market prices.

This $10k gets you 30,000(shares) in the fund. (based on current market prices)

These shares are poised to explode in March by 30X (Our predicted minimum March gains.)

Now your $10,000, (Worth 30,000(shares) that *was* only worth $10k (due to entry)) is worth 30X more = $300,000** | Your still @ 30,000(shares) = $10 per share (Value increased 30X (March))

$290k March Profits from $10k.

What is important to note is the 30,000(shares) you got for only $10,000 due to cheap market conditions at time of entry (Just like right now!)

-Now lets say; at Year End the price per share is, say $100 each share instead of $10, remember you still own 30,000(shares) | 30,000 X $100 = $3M Valuation at Years End.

(This is a realistic example, it's conservative as well.)

$3,000,000 Exit Valuation.

$2,990,000 Profit Made.

Entry share price = $0.30 ea

(Point*): March's price increase "could be" (+30X) = $10 per share now* (This makes sense later)

End of Year share price = $100 ea

^ $100 X 30,000(shares) = $3M Upon Year End Exit.

Basically your entry price was cheap at the time of investment.

(Probably will not be "cheap" after March is the main point)

In this example (also our opinion), $10k will = $3M by the years end - Only because $10k got/gets you so many more "shares" while the prices are/were low (30k shares).

Versus, if you invested "April 1st" instead (Just our: "potential/opinion, price increase for March")" at 30X the current price per "share". | $0.30 vs. $10 Entry Price |

(Just Our Educated Opinions/ Estimation, based on our Knowledge, and our Models)

i.e; Cheap entry point. (Markets are cheap right now!) - So invest asap before things kick off.

So, compare the example above to the "Expected Rise in March Example":

Wait too Long Example:

Let's say now it's April 1st,- let's just say for example.

You now want to invest that same $10k

March is over and the “entry” price is 30X greater (Due to what happens this month, March)

You invest the same $10,000 but instead of 30k(shares) you now only get 1,000(shares) $10 per share…

*You still own $10k worth of the fund, but at 1,000(shares) "each share $10". No profits yet remember, you just entered. $10k = 1k(shares)

With the same year-end "share value" of $100(per share) your $10k = only $100k (1,000(shares) @ $100 = $100,000)

10X gain still cool but the end price was no different than the first example.

So instead of getting a 300X you only get a 10X profit, ONLY because you waited for post-March prices.

*Getting in before a run happens multiplies your returns by many multiples.

This is using real and expected numbers. This is a true example of what we should see this year, on the "Low-End".

When it's too late, it'll be too late!

Get your last investments in NOW! This is why we have been stressing so much to get in NOW, even though we have seen delays of almost 4 months from what we originally heard and expected (actually a huge blessing). The same rules/expectations/results still apply.

Do not wait to invest more once the “Entry Share” price is 30X higher than current prices. This can literally happen in an instant! Instant!

You could still make 5X-10X your money after a 30X- 100X run-up, and we will still advocate for investing at that point, but you will not get to experience the absolute insanity that is to come very soon.

*Really hope this connected with you and you understand the point we are trying to make.

In our example; $1,000 invested today is "worth" (or "as powerful as") $30,000 invested on/after April 1st!

*$10,000 Invested Today is as valuable as investing $300,000 after a 24hr, 30X, little run-up.

(Just Our Expected/Estimated Example, Certainly not 100%)

In Closing:

You’d potentially have to invest $30,000 in a months’ time (April 1st) to equate the same value as an $1,000 investment today!

Serious Investors Offering:

We are also offering the following to anyone who is willing to do a large investment of $10k+ before March 9th.

We will accept $10k - $10M held for this month only, with a certainty-pullout/withdrawal by April 1st contingency. That way you can free up your invested capital w/ us after March is over.

*This offering is only for new investments in valued between $10k and $10M. 100% exit possible April 1st.

**Also 10% discount on $1,000,000+ investments.

We match the 10% so its like you invested 10% more than you did. Profits made on that 10% portion are treated like your own capital investment.

Ex. Invest $1M = $1.1M invested and profits from the $100,000 are still treated as your own.

We hope we will see the 30X+ this Month. If not, no big deal, we all still know whats coming, it just gives us more time to accumulate for the jump!


Thats whats coming in the next days, weeks, months, and years. Are you ready?

Please reach out with comments, questions, concerns, etc.


-Michael S.

Your Plutus Capital Team Captain!

Let us know if you have any questions:

Telegram Support Messages:


Plutus Telegram Channel:

Phone: (608) 709-8904

(Please email/message first, we do not have full time receptionists at this time.)

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